Banking as a service solution for your business

From powerful loan origination system, scorecard engine, to data warehousing. Simbuka can offer your business secure and reliable cloud-based solution tailored for your exact use case.

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Customer Management (KYC)

Have full insight in your customer details and needs at any time.

Loan Origination

Fully automate your loan origination by using our cutting-edge system.

Scorecard Engine

By using our scorecard engine you can be sure that the right customer gets the right loan.

Document Warehousing

Our systems make it possible to generate all documents needed to provide your customer a loan. Generated as well as uploaded documents can be stored and retrieved anytime.

Workflow Management

Use your own workflows in our system, to create a perfect interaction between your organisation and our software.

Collection and Recovery

Be in full control when it comes to collection and recovery, minimizing your defaults.

Multi Tenancy

The multi-tenancy SaaS architecture of Simbuka enables low-cost deployment, greatly decreasing the cost of supporting the install base.

Cloud Based

Whenever you want. Wherever you are. Simbuka is available on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


We can provide truly unique solutions for any requirements you have because our tools are highly modular.

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